+  the little bakery that could  .

The Water Street Bakery was a new – and different – face in the crowd on northern Ontario's Manitoulin Island. For Little Current’s locals and the tourist boating community, bakery owner Mieke Smulders opted out of offering standard fare and in to a more upscale, greener approach for her bakery.

The Water Street Bakery's menu was current and sophisticated and we fell right in step with it in our design decisions. We started with the flour. The stylized whisk soon followed, with its quirky nod to Tuscan hues. As renovations progressed, the locals were getting curious. Storefront signs went up and a company-branded car speedily got the news around town. Respectful of the tight budget, we encouraged the bakery's staff to photograph their products themselves, with a little coaching from us ;) We used the product shots for print and online collateral. The business cards were an enormous hit with customers, with six different baked goods backgrounds to choose from. The takeaway menu available in-store for customers not online was just as popular.

Online opportunity  It was important for The Water Street Bakery to have a web presence as quickly as possible to serve not only the local community, but to expand their reach – Little Current and Manitoulin Island are strong tourist destinations for the boating community and other vacationers. And who wouldn’t want to know a croissant baked from scratch and a specialty blend Italian roast coffee were readily available? Design elements we introduced (our own flour photograph, the egg wash brush stroke, the tart ring) were effective reminders of the art of baking – something The Water Street Bakery appreciated.

Kim understands simplicity and strives to make her work speak volumes about me and my work! She had wonderful ideas about branding, communications and web design – our site is very clean, easy to use and easy for me to update. And my business cards are truly beautiful!
— Mieke Smulders, Baker/owner of The Water Street Bakery Inc.