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Kim is an absolute delight to work with. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with her on several small to larger scale creative projects and all I can say is that she constantly meets and exceeds expectations. Kim truly takes the time to understand your requirements, understand your brand and the direction you want to take. She then superbly brings it to life with what I often refer to as Kim Hill magic.

George Alifragis
Senior Manager – Sales Enablement & Optimization, Bell Canada

Consummate professional, extremely creative and incredibly value conscious

I have had the opportunity to work with Kimberley on separate occasions while at two different companies. She produces first-rate and beautiful images that tell a story far more powerfully than words, and when the time is right, clearly understands that sometimes the simplest concept can convey the most powerful message. I have always enjoyed working with Kimberley. She strives to understand the client so that she can deliver the best product in the least amount of time. Her work is ideal for C-level executives. Mine have always been thrilled with her work.

Joanne Latham
VP – Corporate Communications, Wolfspeed

Kim challenges you to get the most out of all of your communications.  And she uses her extensive experience to help you do that. Kim not only brings creativity and uniqueness to a project, but she ensures information is presented in a manner that supports your specific goals and brand characteristics. I have worked with Kim for over 10 years... and on projects that have ranged from internal communications, event presentations, website development and corporate branding. On every occasion, the distinctive results have been delivered within timeframes and budget. A pleasure to work with.

Alastair McCluskey
Brand & Communications Consultant

... one of the rare designers I have worked with who clearly understands communications

Kim is a world-class graphic designer who is able to create and elaborate aesthetic, functional design that is simple, beautiful, clear and effective. She is one of the rare designers I have worked with who clearly understands communications, and that form, content and objective must be inextricably linked to produce exceptional results. I have found that, no matter the size or type of project, Kim brings enthusiasm, originality as well as a high level of professionalism and attention to detail, including to language and production elements. In the more 10+ years that I have worked with Kim, I have come to rely on her for all my design requirements. In that time, we have collaborated on websites and intranets, numerous presentations, sales collateral pieces, posters, advertising, branded clothing and promotional items, mementos, interior design, pamphlets…. The variety of projects is testament to her versatility, my confidence in her abilities and the continual success she has achieved.

Philip van Leeuwen
Director – Communications and Strategy, Nordia

Kim is an amazing professional creator. Her work consistently blows me away. We first met when we were both consulting to Bell Canada. She helped create stunning and highly impactful presentations for their senior leaders. She was a smart, strong and talented 'member' of the Communications team. As Chair of the Equitas Communications Committee, I suggested Kim for the redesign of our website. The result is fabulous. She has a way of seeing the world that is exciting and compelling. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Deborah Swann Hinton
Partner – Communication Strategy, Hinton :

We asked for Kim’s help in creating a brand for a group of Leadership training courses. She created a terrific logo that completely captured our audience and the nature of the courses. She created superb presentations that adhered to our corporate brand; they were clean, crisp, professional and powerful. She also transformed our boring, text-heavy Participants Workbooks into truly user-friendly ones: a great balance of words, images and graphics that made the content easy to read in a layout that helped the reader visually navigate the sections. As someone who creates a lot of training presentations and materials, I was stunned by her work – she took our drafts and kicked them up SEVERAL notches. And equally delightful is her ability to get the work done on or before our deadlines, which often were tight. I cannot recommend Kim highly enough!

Karen Conlin
Instructional Designer/Developer

Kim Hill is ideal! She is professional, diligent and passionate about the work she produces. I've had the pleasure of working with Kim on several initiatives. On each, she has listened to the requirements, provided thoughtful input, creative suggestions and delivered on time/budget – even in very tight timeframes. Working with Kim is a pleasure. I'm not quite sure how she does it given the multiple demands on her time, but when working with her she focuses on your initiative to the most minute detail.

Bill Brennan
Senior Learning Consultant

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