+  neuronavigation gets a little makeover  .

Press kits and brochures were important calling cards for Rogue Research, especially for their trade show presence in Asia and Europe. Upscaling their current print products with stronger Rogue identity without reducing the focus on the company’s prime product Brainsight™ was our creative goal. Rogue appreciated that we were not only sensitive to the balance, but also successful in the execution.

Freshening up the logo   The Rogue Research company logo had remained unchanged since its initial design almost 15 years ago, one of our first projects with Rogue. It was still working well for them – but to freshen it up, we introduced more dimension to the colour palette and chose a contemporary typeface they could work with in future communications products.


About the booth   Rogue’s standard multi-configurational trade show booth included a display wall, a large central circular hub construction and three freestanding display units. As we applied our new creative to these components, we also provided an alternative when booth space was limited: we replaced the top part of the double-sided freestanding units with Rogue’s signature circle element. This small industrial design change dramatically increased Rogue’s trade show presence.

Special thanks to Rogue Research for providing the on-location images :)